Testimonials and letters of reference

Original documents available on request

Open reference, as Head of Music at Thorpe House School
Anthony Lock, Headmaster,
Thorpe House School Gerrards Cross, Bucks, SL9 8PZ

When I arrived there was very little in the way of the resources I would expect to find in a music department in terms of instruments, printed music, or recorded music. I do not know how he managed to cope without these resources, but he clearly did, and to a high enough standard to please independent (UK Government) inspectors! The inspectors were very impressed by his use of computers and technology within the music department. Those who had worked with him described him as hard working and committed to both his job and the pupils in his charge." Music inspection notes stated that music within the school is "a lively and enjoyable subject" and that "overall musical achievement is good". "Lessons were planned logically and there was variety within each period. Under his leadership the music department at this school has the potential to become a "center of excellence" for music.

Open reference by Alita Mills, Head of Surrey County Arts Southwest.
6 Gosden Common, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey, GU5 0AD

"Students made considerable progress and enjoyed their lessons. Paul prepared his own teaching material to complement existing repertoire available. Parents commented upon the high standards expected and achieved from Paul. I have no doubt whatsoever that Paul would make a valuable contribution to the musical development of any child. He has a thorough knowledge and understanding relating to methodology and practice in instrumental teaching. Paul is an outstanding pianist."

Private pupil testimonials

"Since my son began lessons with you he has come to think of you as a friend first, teacher second. If it hadn't been for you telling me with such excitement about his abilities at the parents evening a couple of years ago, I don't think he or I would have realized he had talent. You inspired him (and me) to tap his potential." A. Griffin.

"I have known Paul since 1992 when he became my sons piano teacher. Subsequently, I took up the piano and Paul taught me for over ten years. Paul is an exceptionally able musician, he is also an excellent teacher. He is able to relate to both adults and children alike. He approaches both with good humor and great patience. During this time, Paul has taught at a number of local schools. I know through personal contacts that he is highly regarded. I can recommend him without reservation either as a personal music teacher or as an employee." T. Orsman.

"I owe you a big thank you for the piano lessons. My piano playing and lessons have been the one thing that I do just for me - they have been a great source of pleasure, fun and relaxation. You have been remarkably patient with an often distracted and stressed pupil and in addition, very inspirational." L. Palmer - Adult Student.

"...has taught our daughter the piano for the past two years. We have found him to be well organized and reliable in all aspects. Our daughter has enjoyed his teaching and his choice of music and encouragement has contributed, we are sure, to her making excellent progress and achieving a high score in her recent examination." S. Sutherland.

"When our nine year old daughter began piano lessons at school, she liked him and his teaching approach and style and made rapid progress. He made lessons fun, yet anticipated high standards which she appreciated. (She already plays violin to a high standard and is quite discerning regarding teachers!) He obviously has an excellent relationship with young children as he was popular with all those who learned with him. He is clear about his expectations regarding remembering lesson times and books and about practice, and was available to discuss any concerns we may have had about the lessons. From our viewpoint as parents, we have found him to be most professional in his approach and found the package that he sent us most helpful. We received a comprehensive termly report on our daughters progress and fees were requested on time and in a professional manner." C. Hawkins.

"I wanted to thank you for always going above and beyond in your efforts to teach all my kids piano (4 students). My son received great feedback from his Jazz Band instructor at his recent parent-teacher conference. His instructor again commented on what a gifted piano teacher he has! Thanks again for helping my son and all my children reach their fullest potential." St. Louis Parent, C. Stalter.

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