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Is Your Child A Reluctant Piano Student?

I am often asked "How much progress will my child make?" The answer is "It depends on how much practice they do". Here's why.

What is the Parents Role During Their Childs Piano Lessons?

Parents - What is the best way to support your young musician?

How Much Progress Will My Child Make

Learn to understand how the amount of progress a student will make during the course of their lessons.

Music Education

Your musical brain is like a computer - Here's why.

You Need To Push Yourself If You Want To Get Better At Playing The Piano

How to maximize your musical progress.

Piano Practice – How Much Can You Learn In One Week?

Like a sponge there is only so much your brain can absorb in one day - Here's why.

How To Practice The Piano With Background Accompaniment Disks

Learn how to use accompaniment tracks to become a stronger musician.

Don’t Waste Time Practicing Piano Music That Is Too Difficult

What is the best music to study next?

Being a Supportive Parent

What is the best way for parents to support a music student?

Working With a Piano Accompanist

Piano Accompaniment

Practicing The Piano - Multitasking At Its Highest Level

Playing the piano uses all parts of the brain in a unique way - Here's why.

How Important is Regular Piano Practice?

Improve your time practice time.

How To Prevent Road Blocks In Musical Progress

Learn to recognize and overcome roadblocks in your music progress.

Why Piano Makes you Smarter

How does playing piano make you more intelligent?

The Value of Childhood Music Education

Music education is a valuable addition to the education of any child.

Einstein on Music

Einstein - "The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition, and music is the driving force behind this intuition".

Piano Studies Are Essential For All Music Majors

University entry requirements for piano in all music courses.

You Dont Have To Practice Long Hours To Enjoy Playing Piano

Guided discovery as a teaching strategy.

Online Piano Lessons

Music lessons online - What works and what does not.

Student Composition

Student Composition - Age 9

Digital Pianos vs. Acoustic Pianos

Is a digital piano as good as an acoustic piano?

Top 10 Sure Signs a Student Has Not Practiced

I haven't had chance to practice this week

Learning to Play Using Chord Symbols

How is reading chord symbols different from reading classical music notation?

Preparing to Perform

Learn to develop a healthy performance mindset.

Practice Tips

Tips for making your piano practice better.

Practice Effectively

Learn to Practice the Piano

The Art of Listening

Listening to music is essential for the music student. Here's why!

Google Favorite Places

The Legends Piano Studio is a Google Favorite Place.

ABRSM Piano Examination Results

Piano examination results for students entered by The Legends Piano Studio

The Complete Popular Music Harmony Course

Jazz Harmony Tutorial Book

Playing The Piano - How Much Will You Forget During The Summer Vacation?

Continuous study is essential for musical success.